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Question - What is the Most Expensive and Most Difficult Element of a Feasibility Study to Prepare?

Answer - The Return on Investment Forecasts that will only be Really Understood by Bankers if they are in the Form of Balance Sheet Forecasts

We all know - or should do that the Balance Sheet of a Business reflects the Profits that have been earned over the years less the reductions for Corporation Tax - but bankers are far more confident in the figures when they can see them in the form of Profit and Loss and Balance sheet Forecasts

RoiVex provides Profit and Loss Statements and Balance Sheet Forecasts for a 10 Year Period

The purpose of CeeVex is to identify the Best Option for the Refinement Stage of a Project.

The purpose of RoiVex is to simplify and cheapen the Refinement Stage of a Project by eliminating the need to commission an Accountant.

Ease and Speed of Use

Many types of calculation software that are sold today are specific to one of the many Editions of Windows, Linux Distro and even different editions on Excel including 1997, 2003, 2007 and 2010.

This can lead to lots of frustration because the software will not work when you have paid for it.

RoiVex is coded in Flash and is provided as an swf file. This means that it will run on any computer with a modern browser.

The tables are easy to use and data just needs to be typed into the input columns just like Excel - and the software immediately responds with the answers - nothing could be easier or faster.

Software Features

Click on the Thumbnails for a bigger graphic showing all the detailed features of RoiVex

The RoiVex Title page looks like this:-

roivex software title page

The Project Data page with the Equity, Mortgage and Loan Data looks like this:-

project equity mortgage loan graphic

The Input Data for the Income or Revenue Looks like this:-

project income graphic

The Input Data for the Direct Costs looks like this

direct cost thumbnail graphic


The Input Data for the Overhead Costs looks like this

overhead cost input page thumbnail


The top part of a typical Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet output page looks this

profit and loss graphic


The bottom part of a typical Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet output page looks this

balance sheet graphic


The Balance Sheet Summary Page looks like this


profit and loss and balance sheet 10 year summary page

The RoiVeX Software Benefits

This software provides a massive amount of value for money simply because:-

  1. It would cost at least $10,000 in accountancy fees to get results that are only a quarter as good as the one shown above
  2. It would take months and dozens of meeting to get this sort of information out of a firm of accountants
  3. The software allows the Project Promoter to hone and refine his loan proposal hundreds of times before it is presented to the Bank
  4. Any of the Banks issues or concerns can be tested in real time on-line when you are in a meeting with the Bank


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P.S. To get Access to Ceevex and RoiVex all you have to do is subscribe for Silver Membership of the CeeVex Community

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