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CeeVex Provides any of these Services:-

  1. Project Management of Feasibility Studies
  2. Feasibility Studies on Civil Engineering Projects
  3. The Economic Analysis of Projects
  4. Custom Software for the Economic Analysis of a Project
  5. Analsysis and Critique of Clients Studies before Submission
  6. JV Partnerships
  7. Sundry Advice

FAQ's on the Services are provided at the Bottom of this Page

How we Do it

1) Project Management of Feasibility Studies

Every project is managed directly by Ceevex and this is How we do it:-


action plan picture

Step 1 - The Action Plan

CeeVex provides a fully detailed Action Plan proposal that includes:-

  • Project Objectives
  • Scope of Work
  • Schedule
  • Fees and Expenses
  • Terms of Business
  • Contract Conditons
sub consultants picture

Step 2 - The Project Team

CeeVex allocates team members to the project - we frequently augment our resources by using specialist sub-consultants that are either self-employed or employed by specialist consultancy firms - you will be getting the input of highly experienced Consultanst at low cost

organization chart

Step 3 - Project Structure

The CeeVex Project Team members are always shown in an Organogram that is incoporporated in every proposal.

communication plan

Step 4 - Communications Plan

CeeVex also provide a Communications Plan that shows how CeeVex will communicate with the Clients Team and other Stakeholders

cv document

Step 5 - Resumes

CeeVex provide the Resumes of every Team Member.

reports picture

Step 6 - We undertake the Project and Report on the Results

CeeVex provides a fully detailed Report at the end of every project that records the Reasoning behing all the Decisions taken during the Course of the FS - so important when something does not go to plan!


CeeVex can Project Manage any type of Feasibility Studies through the Shell and Optionology Stages

We prefer to set the Project up on the Basis of the Methods described here:-

What is a Feasibilility Study

However we appreciate that many Projects do require a different approach and we are always pleased to help Clients Develope these.

In small FS's CeeVex may carry out most of the work itself but in large studies it will project manage the work that willl be carried out by the Clients own staff augmented by consultants when necessary.

Draft Project Shell is the First Stage

Normally we draft the Project Shell for discussion and approval after being briefed on the Clients Requirements.

For completeness I will describe the Contents of the Project Shell here although I also describe it under the Reference above.

The Project Framing document (or Shell as CeeVex calls it) should be short and concise and should include the following sections:-

There will always be a lot of meetings and interaction with many people in the Clients team before the Shell can be prepared and finalized.

This can be carried out using Skype and On-line seminars to keep costs down.

Optionology and the Management of the Site Surveys

In all major project Feasibility Studies the Elements that cost the most are always the Soils Investigations, Topograpihical Surveys, Hydrographic Surveys and the Surveys of the Existing Flora and Fauna that may need to be made at different times of the year.

So it is always vital to ensure that the preliminary phase of the Optionology Stage of the Project is undertaken before the Soils Investigation and the Flora and Fauna Surveys.

There is no point in undertaking these surveys if the Option that is going to incur the highest foundation loading or have the biggest Environmental Impact does not work for economic reasons. There is no doubt that in many FS's vast sums of money are spent on Site Surveys that do not provide any useful purpose.

To minimise the cost of any Feasibility Study it is vital to ensure that Site Surveys are not commissioned until their Scope has been accurately prescribed by the Survey Scope that each viable Study Option requires.

This often requires careful interactive scheduling of the Desk Study work and the Field work to make sure that the extent of the costly Field work is minmised.

The other danger that also causes costs to run away is that Site Surveys are undertaken before the geograpical area has been defined. It is very very common for site survey teams to have to be remobilised at very high cost because a small but vital area of land or sea bed has been missed from the survey.

Proposal for Study Project Management

If you would like a proposal to Project Manage your Feasibility Study on your project just get in touch using the Contact form HERE

Please note that we do not compete with other Consultants in the provision of these Services because we follow an entirely different process based on the Methods described in this website. 2

These studies are always directly managed by Will Witt

He set up Robert West Consulting with Bob West - now called Robert West Limited in 1978

The firm was very successful and we did lots of master planning and feasibility studies on port and harbour and infrastructure projects and also built quite a few as "the Engineer".

Many of these projects like the West Bank container terminal at Ipswich Port are still in operation. They included the infrastructure for the Lakeside shopping centre and the adjacent retail warehouse complex on the old Tunnel Cement works site in Thurrock.

Robert West Consulting is also still in business today. See www.robertwest.co.uk It's a pretty mundane consultancy business - but it is still there!

In 1985 Will Witt left Robert West to set up Pentacon.

Pentacon carried out studies, design and construction of work to a total value of approximately £60.0m between for a variety of major blue chip clients.

This included Will Witt being the named "Engineer" responsible for the infrastructure of the new town of Chafford Hundred in West Thurrock, Essex.

This project was very involved and complex. It involved Feasibility Studies and Master Planning of major earthworks in worked out chalk quarries, roads, drains, utility services, railway station, schools and shops, on 5000 hectares of abandoned quarry land for a new suburb of 10,000 people between 1985 and 1990. This was all undertaken over a 5 year period in close conjunction with Thurrock Borough Council, Essex County Council and the Dept. of Transport.

All the housing has now been built and occupied and it is now a thriving community. Just type Chafford Hundred into Google and you will see just how successfully this project changed an ugly brownfield site in one of the most desirable places to live in the UK.

After Pentacon went bust during the credit squeeze in 1990 Will worked as a builder during the early 1990's before getting back behind an Engineers desk in 1993 and then started to work for Kellog Brown and Root of KBR as they are now known in 1995 as an in-house Consultant.

He was there for about 10 years and was involved with some of the biggest projects in the world including:-

2) Feasibility Studies on Civil Engineering Projects

If you would like a proposal to carry out your Feasibility Study on your Civil Engineering project just get in touch using the Contact form HERE

Please note that we do not compete with other Consultants in the provision of these Services because we follow an entirely different process based on the Methods described in this website.

3) Economic Analysis including Capital Cost Estimating, NPV, Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet Forecasting

Many projects and clients may just require CeeVeX to help carry out the economic elements of a Feasibility Study including:-

We would be pleased to help - please get in touch using the Contact Form here

3) The Economic Analysis of Projects

The Economic Analysis of Projects can include Capital Cost Estimating, NPV, Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet Forecasting

4) Custom Software for the Economic Analysis of a Project

Both the NPV software - CeeVeX and the ROI Profit and Loss / Balance Sheet Forecasting software - RoiVex that we provide for our subscribers can be customised to suit any particular needs of a Client - we can provide proposals for Customise CeeVex or RoiVex software - please get in touch using the Contact Form here

5) Analsysis and Critique of Clients Studies

We can read and provide a written critique of any Project Report or Feasibility Study before it is submitted for Investment Approval.

We charge a standard $200 for this service and provide a 500 word report within 5 working days. We can turn it round very quickly for an additional premium.

This provides extraordinary value for money because often restructuring how a Report is written can improve it beyond all recognition.

Please just fill in the Contact Form here and we will respond to you.

6) JV Partnerships

We can partner with other firms to provide enhanced Feasibility Study Skills that the partner cannot provide from his own resources.

7) Sundry Advice

We can offer advice on Projects to Students and others that are interested in undertaking their own Feasibility Studies.

Please just fill in the Contact Form here and we will respond to you.

We charge $25 for every 100 words in an Email Response to a Specific Question and $119 per hour for a Skype Conference




Question Answer
Does CeeVex provide Proposals in Competition with other Consultants? No - If a client has got to the stage where he is asking for Proposals it is normally too late for CeeVeX to get involved in the Process
Does CeeVex help other Consultants that are bidding to undertake FS's Yes - we charge an economic fee to help draft proposals and add our weight to a Consultants proposal. This is particularly appropriate where a local consultant has local knowledge but not much experience in undertaking Project Studies
Can Will Witt be hired? Yes - the rate will depend on the project size and complexity.
Does CeeVex provide Custom Editions of its software for specific projects ? Yes - Tell us what you want using the Contact Form and we will provide a Proposal
What currencies can CeeVex invoice in? Dollars, Euros and GB Pounds. Normally VAT is not payable on overseas projects outside the UK


If you want advice or help on any aspect of a Feasibility Study get in touch by filling in the Bronze Membership form here.

There is a section on the application where you can insert your inquiry and I will then get back to you as soon as I can

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