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Question - What is the biggest problem that Project Developers have when preparing NPV calculations that Compare the Different Development Options?

Answer - Setting out the Input Data and the Results in a way that is Clear and Easy to Follow

That is what the Designers of CeeVex Set out to Achieve - Judge for your self whether that is true by giving it a try.

The Power and Flexibility of this Software has to be seen to be believed.

The input data tables have been designed with great care to allow the use of the CeeVex Software on any kind of Project.

The CeeVex Software itself acts as a Feasibility Study Template because if you can fill in all the blanks on the Data Input Tables you will have done all the work required to convince everyone connected with Your Project that you have explored all the Options and know the best way to achieve the Objective of Your Project.

Never forget that the very Basic Issue with any NPV analysis is that the basic calculations using a spreadsheet is very easy to do ..................

But the setting out of the Data in a way that will be understood by your fellow managers and bankers is quite extraordinairly difficult - and why waste time trying to do this when CeeVex will do it for You!

Software Features

You can only get access to CeeVex by becoming a Silver Member of the StakeHolder Community

Silver Membership of the Stakeholder Community provides

Ease and Speed of Use of CeeVex

Many types of calculation software that are sold today are specific to one of the many Editions of Windows, Linux Distro and even different editions on Excel including 1997, 2003, 2007 and 2010.

Both Ceevex and Eevex are coded in Flash and easily accessible using a Mac, Windows PC, tablet or phone with Internet access because they have been coded into swf files. This means that they will run on any computer with a modern browser.

You will not have all the hassle that is normally involved with getting software to work - just enter the URL into your browser, enter your user name and password and you will then be looking at the CeeVex input tables.

The tables are easy to use and data can be just typed into columns - and the software immediately responds with the answers - nothing could be easier or faster.

The Title Page looks like this:-

ceevex title page thumbnail

The Discount Input Page looks like this:-

discount page thumbnail

The Capital Provision and Expenditure Page looks like this:-

capital input and spend graphic thumbnail

The NPV Sensitivity Analysis page looks like this:-

npv sensitivity analysis input graphic

The Income Page for the three Options looks like this:-

income from 3 options graphic thumbnail

The Input Data for the Direct Costs pagelooks like this

direct costs for the 3 options graphic

The Input Data for the Overhead Costs looks like this:-


overhead cost input for 3 options graphic thumbnail

And the NPV Results Page looks like this:-

npv results graphic thumbnail



1) It is easy to carry out NPV calculations using a Spreadsheet

2) It is very difficult, costly and time consuming to set the NPV calculations out in a way that shows the pros and cons of 3 options in a way that bankers and investors understand.

3) CeeVeX does this and it is very cheap way of doing it!

And when you are in the bank talking to them in a meeting you can go on-line and change the numbers during the meeting - then print off a pdf file with all the results!


Best Regards


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P.S. To get Access to Ceevex and RoiVex all you have to do is subscribe for Silver Membership of the CeeVex Community - see Subscriber Information








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